The view from: Karen Sanderson: Accounting & Business

The view from: The Treasury

Karen Sanderson is in charge of Government Estimates, Accounts & Reporting – GEAR.

Q. What is your major work challenge?

Preparing for the publication of Whole of Government Accounts, which is an account for the UK public sector prepared using EU adopted IFRS as adapted and interpreted for the public sector, including around 1,500 bodies – central government, local government, health bodies and public corporations. The account for 2009/10 is required by legislation to be published this year and will be a big step forward in terms of the transparency of the public sector finances.

Q. How have the spending cuts affected your work?

The Treasury has undertaken a strategic review in order to live within its Budget over the Spending Review and implementation plans are currently being developed. I deal with finance teams from all parts of the public sector and it will be important for finance departments to play their part in delivering more effectively.

Q. Is it exciting to work at the Treasury?

It’s a fascinating place to work. I joined the Treasury on the day that Lehman Brothers went under and it has certainly been an eventful and challenging couple of years for the department.

Q. How does being an FCCA assist you in your work?

My qualification does of course help in the day to day delivery of my job. Being an FCCA also gives me good access to current developments, and think pieces which are important to my role.

Q.  What do you do away from work to de-stress?

Like many others, I find the gym is a good way of shutting off from work and I go a few times a week. I also enjoy playing bridge, which sadly seems to be in declining popularity in my age group.


Total Treasury staff – 1,350 FTEs (as at March 2010)

Treasury expenditure, 2010/11: £200m revenue, plus £48m capital

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