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Paul is a journalist, broadcaster, author, researcher, media consultant, copywriter and public speaker

Paul Gosling in ItalyPaul was The Independent’s ‘financial agony uncle’: compiling its weekly Questions of Cash column, answering reader’s questions and challenging banks and other companies on behalf of readers. For more than 20 years, Paul has been a freelance journalist, during which time he has written for nearly all UK and Irish quality newspapers.

Paul is a specialist in personal finance, the economy, public sector management, accountancy and co-operative forms of enterprise. He has written for many prominent magazines and has gained a reputation for well researched, accurate, articles that are delivered on time and to length.

  • Commended, Europartner Journalism Award, 2002.
  • Commended, Housing Journalist of the Year Awards, 1996.
  • Shortlisted, Headline Money Regional Financial Journalist of the Year, 2010.

Paul has written several books on digital technologies and financial services.  He has also co-written books on a children’s home scandal, on the need for financial services reform and intellectual property.

Before becoming a freelance journalist, Paul had a varied career.  He has been an advisor to workers’ co-operatives, an accountant, a civil servant, managed a computer department in a hosiery factory and was a politician – he was a Leicester city councillor from 1987 to 1991.

Paul is an accomplished public speaker and lecturer.  He recently spoke to a Cork University credit union conference, detailing the decline and fall of The Co-operative Bank.  Other recent presentations have also examined the crisis at The Co-operative Bank and Co-operative Group.   For several years he has given presentations to University of Cambridge engineering students on problems associated with the Public Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships.