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Paul is a journalist, broadcaster, author, researcher, media consultant, copywriter and public speaker

Paul Gosling in ItalyPaul is editor of ModernGov magazine, a twice yearly publication examining the modernisation of Britain’s public services.  He was a regular contributor to The Independent when it was a print publication and he was The Independent’s ‘financial agony uncle’: compiling its weekly Questions of Cash column, answering reader’s questions and challenging banks and other companies on behalf of readers. For more than 20 years, Paul has been a freelance journalist, during which time he has written for nearly all UK and Irish quality newspapers.

Paul is a specialist in personal finance, the economy, public sector management, accountancy and co-operative forms of enterprise. He has written for many prominent magazines and has gained a reputation for well researched, accurate, articles that are delivered on time and to length.

  • Commended, Europartner Journalism Award, 2002.
  • Commended, Housing Journalist of the Year Awards, 1996.
  • Shortlisted, Headline Money Regional Financial Journalist of the Year, 2010.

Paul has written several books on digital technologies and financial services.  He has also co-written books on a children’s home scandal, on the need for financial services reform and on intellectual property.  He is frequently engaged by clients to write reports, including on public service reform, farmers’ incomes and the need for an expansion of higher education in Northern Ireland.

Before becoming a freelance journalist, Paul had a varied career.  He has been an advisor to workers’ co-operatives, an accountant, a civil servant, managed a computer department in a hosiery factory and was a politician – he was a Leicester city councillor from 1987 to 1991.

Paul is an accomplished public speaker and lecturer.  He recently spoke to a Cork University credit union conference, detailing the decline and fall of The Co-operative Bank.  Other recent presentations have also examined the crisis at The Co-operative Bank and Co-operative Group.   For several years he has given presentations to University of Cambridge engineering students on problems associated with the Public Finance Initiative and Public Private Partnerships.