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Wrightbus survives

Subject to the t’s being crossed and the i’s being dotted, Wrightbus is to be saved. A rather ill-tempered negotiation between Jo Bamford’s company Ryse Hydrogen and the Wright family appears to have ended with smiles rather than tears. Bamford said that while the deal was not yet concluded with the administrators, terms had been

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Stalled progress

Twenty one years on from the Good Friday Agreement it is clear that Northern Ireland does not have the settled and just peace that we expected.  This was clear before the terrible killing of Lyra McKee, but it is even more clear now.  That tragedy has amplified the sense in which progress has stalled or

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An all island economy?

In June last year, the respected economist David McWilliams wrote in the Belfast Telegraph how the changing demographics of Northern Ireland create the likelihood of a united Ireland.  Those from a Protestant/unionist background are now less than half the population and people from a Catholic background will probably be in the majority within a decade.

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Buying the DUP

“Money, that’s what I want.”  It’s a Beatles song from 1963, though originally a Tamla Motown track.  It is also probably a fair indicator of what is on the script for the DUP’s negotiations with Theresa May.  Whatever else Arlene Foster and her colleagues are looking for, it is a fair bet that more finance

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Why we should worry about the link between politicians and child abuse

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, or IICSA – is in crisis.  Its third chair, New Zealand judge Dame Lowell Goddard, has just resigned and a replacement, Professor Alexis Jay, appointed.   Dame Lowell and her predecessors were appointed by Theresa May, in her previous role as Home Secretary, to chair the Inquiry examining

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