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The Brexit impact

Walk around Derry city centre and it seems as if it is constantly changing.  On the positive side, a new hotel is being built, another recently opened and some of the beautiful buildings on Shipquay Street are being renovated.  The downside is that well-known city centre businesses – Harry’s restaurant, the Bishop Street post office

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All things to all people? – The first Brexit blog for the Holywell Trust

Exactly what did the just signed Brexit agreement between the UK government and the European Union actually mean?  Quite simply, it depends who you ask.   Continued on Derry Journal website, courtesy of Holywell Trust

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River deep: Derry Journal

    River deep   by Paul Gosling   Visionary or short-sighted? McCormick Properties’ plans for developing over the city’s main artery, the Foyle, have divided people. Yes, we need jobs and investment – but do we need this investment at this location?   It is a question that will determine how Derry will evolve

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Why Derry needs Ilex

Paul Gosling responds to calls for Derry’s urban regeneration company to be scrapped. On a recent trip to Leicester, I was taken to the top of the council offices to look at a sky line dominated by cranes. Bill Kirk – chief executive of Derry’s urban regeneration company Ilex – promises a similar horizon here

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