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‘Journalists have always had to have integrity’

The media are at a crossroads, with fears over the future of some of Northern Ireland’s best known newspapers. Existing trends favouring social media over print newspapers have been accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, with additional financial pressures from a collapse in advertising revenues.   This is an appropriate moment to reflect on the future …

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Brexit blog: Ever the same

The killing of young journalist Lyra McKee on the streets of Creggan overshadows everything in Derry at present.  And there has been widespread speculation that dissident republicans have been energised by Brexit. Certainly dissident republicans supported Brexit.  They believed it created opportunities for them, including making a united Ireland more likely.  (The actions of the …

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Delaying Brexit

It now looks as if Brexit will not happen on 29th March, as repeatedly promised.  Theresa May has reluctantly agreed that if her withdrawal agreement is not approved by the House of Commons in the middle of March, then MPs will be given two new votes.  The first, on 13th March, will be to allow …

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