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Boris wins

Boris Johnson has at last won a vote in the House of Commons in favour of a withdrawal agreement. How significant the passing is of the second reading of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill we will have to wait to see – but it feels very important. As things stand (without promising it will be the

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Farewell Alistair Hamilton

Alistair Hamilton caught people off guard when, after ten years in the role, he resigned as chief executive of Invest Northern Ireland.  Despite his previous position as a DUP special advisor, he leaves with a reputation for avoiding sectarian bias.   Having said that, businesses in the north west remain strongly critical of Invest NI’s

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Investment (Br)exit

Some 25 reports were issued by the Government last week, which were supposed to provide guidance on what could happen with a ‘no deal’ Brexit.  However, the guidance was vague, with much of the text comprising phrases that meant little.  That vagueness was particularly obvious in the references to Northern Ireland.  It gave the impression,

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Who gains from Brexit?

THE Brexiteer narrative has changed significantly in recent days. While Brexit supporters continue to argue that leaving the EU will create strong benefits, they are now focusing on the long-term. “The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years,” Jacob Rees-Mogg told Channel 4 News. Very few people close to decision-making now believe

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Brexit is pushing Northern Ireland back into division

Brexit is divisive.  That also makes Brexit dangerous.  It represents the most significant UK political faultline in decades – in fact, since the UK joined what was then the European Economic Community in 1973.  Brexit has created what could potentially be a fatal split in both the UK’s major parties – ironically at a time when

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Is it really discrimination?

There is a perception in Northern Ireland’s North West that it is discriminated against when it comes to investment decisions. Looking through the statistics compiled by TheDetail of Invest NI support, it becomes easier to understand why that perception persists. Allocating responsibility – or blame – requires more consideration. The figures are stark. While Belfast

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