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Ryan Quinn has operated in virtually all parts of the printing business, but he was continually frustrated at the poor quality of service provided by many print companies.  He was convinced that he could do it better – and the steady growth of his Belfast business, Ream, seems to have proved him right.


“I always saw areas of improvement with other printing companies, from pricing and turnaround to overall quality and service” says Ryan.  “So, along with my partner, Ja Quinn, – who is the financial brainbox– we set out to improve on all these aspects of print and so in 2006 Ream was born.” 

Four years on and the business has expanded to the point where it has seven staff and has just installed its third digital printing machine.  Ryan boasts that with his technology he can take design from screen to print in 30 seconds.  “This is just one of the reasons that Ream is well known for its speedy turnaround, not to mention flawless quality,” says Ryan.



Ream’s specialist area is small format digital print.  It offers the traditional printed fare – from stationery, business cards, leaflets, posters, brochures, menus, to reports.  In addition, Ream has a large format department which can produce prints to almost any size as well as roll-up stands and exhibition graphics.  Ream also provides a print buying service. “This ensures that our customers are continually getting the best price out there” adds Ryan.


Despite the recession, the business has gained a strong market position.  “It is true that the last two years have been a lot more competitive than when we started up,” concedes Ryan.  “But despite this we have expanded in the last year, taking on more staff.”  To prove that the business has gained a reputation for quality, Ryan is delighted that clients include the prestigious Hastings Hotels group and BTW Shiells.


“We are hoping to expand further, to get bigger and take on more clients,” adds Ryan.  “We have one of the strongest marketing and production teams around.  The quality of our product is always 100%.  We always deliver when we say we will deliver.  We keep our customers happy.  This is evident in the number of customer referrals we receive on a weekly basis.


“With the installation of our new Xerox machine we have almost doubled are capacity so future plans involve targeting the South of Ireland to add to our customer base – so watch out for the Ream logo appearing even further afield.  So that you recognise it please have a look at our website”  Ryan adds.

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