A Snapshot of Home Care

Home Care


Too many local authorities are commissioning care services on price rather than service quality, says the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The charity Leonard Cheshire Disability adds that many elderly people receive 15 minute daily visits that are too short to meet their needs.


EHRC concludes that some provider contracts are so tightly defined that care packages are standardised, failing to meet individuals’ specific needs.


Best practice in local government allows a more sensitive and appropriate approach to be taken, says EHRC’s report, ‘Close to Home’.  Some councils are “finding innovative ways of doing things differently, rather than doing less of the same”, it says.


£400m – the extra funds needed to maintain care services at current levels, according to the Local Government Association.


£6.40 – average hourly pay for care workers


£15.80 – average hourly pay across public sector

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