Mea culpa! : Getting my Malin confused with my Fanad: Financial Times

I got it wrong – Fanad Head is the one on the North West Donegal, while the Malin peninsula is another description for Inishowen.  A Financial Times reader put me right.


Losing direction in scenic Donegal

Published: July 12 2008 03:00

From Mr J.R. Max Wheel.

Sir, Paul Gosling seems to have imbibed a bit too much of Irish hospitality in his article on County Donegal (“Community and character”, House & Home, July 5/6) – a not infrequent side-effect of visits there. He has Portsalon and Ramelton located on the Inishowen peninsula rather than the Fanad peninsula, a minor geographical detail, but a useful one for making one’s way home!

There is a serious point and one I am pleased to see the Irish government is at last beginning to address. That is the overbuilding of a frankly undistinguished quality, which rather negates the objective of enjoying the wonderful and wild Atlantic and mountain scenery of Donegal. It is frequently a result of owners of second homes, from Northern Ireland and the Republic rather than locals, who will soon be driven out by relatively high prices as has happened across the UK.

J.R. Max Wheel,
Wistow, Cambs PE28 2QA, UK

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