Business Month

The euro

A walk around the centre of Athens does not evoke a sense of crisis at the moment. Nor does a boat trip to the islands. The tourist season is underway and on the surface, all seems well, with lots of visitors crawling over the Parthenon. Even the street sleepers that were so evident when I

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Commercialising Northern Ireland’s public sector

Initial attention to the Stormont House Agreement focused, understandably, on welfare reform and other contentious items such as dealing with flags, parades and investigating Troubles-related violence. Consideration with regard to the economy has been dominated by the intended devolution of corporation tax. Careful reading of the Agreement, though, suggests a raft of other measures that

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Learning from Scotland

Scotland has significant economic advantages over Northern Ireland. It is not separated from the rest of the UK by the Irish Sea, so its distribution costs are lower than ours.  It does not have a southern neighbour offering a lower tax rate.  It has the significant benefit of its oil, gas and growing renewable energy

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